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The LIVING FIRE is a very special book.

On the one hand, because it contains a valuable selection of the writer’s LIVING FIRE three book-series. On the other hand, it qualifies as a pay-as-much-as-you-want product. This means that it’s readers, either after or during reading, can pay for the product as much as their heart says. By this means the publisher goal was to ensure that there was no financial obstacle for anyone to purchase and read the work.

Copies of LIVING FIRE books published in Hungarian in many cases brought a real and persistent change in lives of their readers. Because of this reason we know for sure that God will also use this work to renew human lives by His Holy Spirit. We are very grateful to the Lord for having used these publications so far in building His kingdom, and because He is a faithful God, our hearts are also grateful in advance that He will also touch your life with the power of awakening!!

As you read, you can also get to know Tamás L. Urbán, the author of the book, whose seemingly incredible stories authentically show what it is like when God reaches out for men into the swamp of sin, cleanses them, lifts them to his face with love, and begins to use them beyond all imagination.

It can happen to you at any moment, EVEN NOW!

The book “Living Fire” is a free product qualifies, by purchasing which you help the Awakening Mission for further operation. The work before, during, or even after reading you can transfer an amount to the Awakening Mission, to the extent useful and valuable you keep this publication.

Awakening Mission:

This work may not be copied and by any means the written permission of the publisher may not be reproduced without.

ISBN 978-615-5681-22-6

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